Paper and online interactive form design

We’re big fans of what you can create when you turn documents into PDFs. Create and share easily accessible forms, documents and posters. No need to worry about whether recipients have Word or Excel installed on their machines, problems with fonts or reflowing of text. PDFs appear exactly as you intend them to.

Advantages include:

  • You can use PDF forms on many operating systems.
  • WORD and Excel forms require someone to have MS Office
  • They meet PDF Accessibility Standards
  • Compile and collect data into Excel

Some ideas:

  • Create, save and re-use editable posters for in-house distribution, school circulation or club and society use.
  • Create re-usable sales material that calculates figures for you
  • Design and create attractive forms that follow corporate guidelines yet staff can fill in and save on their own computer, on-site if necessary.
  • Clearer documents for sales people to show clients for signing.

Feel free to download some sample ideas to play with. Don’t forget, you’ll need the FREEĀ  Adobe Reader installed on your machine (if it’s not there already).


Sample Customisable Poster in Acrobat - Fill in fields
Add details to update a generic poster. No need for other people to have Microsoft Word installed or worry about missing fonts.
Sample Fillable Agreement Sales Form for Acrobat Reader
Sales Agreement Form or Hire form for Salespeople and customers. Fill in fields on screen. Ideal when you need on-site printing out of forms and can incorporate calculations, vat and more.
Sample Sales chart poster Design
Sample Sales chart – reusable format that you can edit and save. Can be configured to automatically provide calculations